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do. tsp the fan. the new jersey and long. teen pop star justin peter has been released from police custody only does the rest of the drink driving charge these stops the nineteen year old won't use drag racing brings you get a dime to keep me sane. the canadian singer initially resisted arrest and state offices and later told them he'd consumed alcohol and prescription drugs. the judge said ms bailey two thousand five hundred dollars. he does the rest is his mates series
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running with the lower during the game in which his erratic behavior and constraints from allegations of speeding through his gated community near los angeles' to keep its coupled with roxy. as you boyd reports that members of new york crime family have been taken into custody charged with crimes including racketeering murder and along council nineteen seventy eight that it ends up lights at jfk international airport the airport robbery made famous in the nineteen ninety one film goodfellas demand from the button on the mafia families also commits acts of extortion and all sin according to court papers the rest followed the discovery by the fbi of human remains and he'll open seat i took james chaney the chance. the man believed to be behind the lufthansa heist. it seemed to be a sunroom identified as one of the leaders of the unknown and gang has been challenged with defective like me need to listen cash and one between the leads and julie from the book tends a tunnel at the towing it was
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the biggest cash heist ever in the united states the eye i. the you're five years of the history of the into tea is brought to light the island's universities conference to of turkey's identity and heritage the recipients of that huge community into the open hundreds of years is to be something was taking a look at says dr pratt of evils that this institute a very long. christie who helped organize the conference the jewish committee and now i am thirty eight and in the ultimate aim high and was very unsuccessful and they had their golden age this program and receive the stated reason was obvious to me ever seen the relations between the government or the teacher
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to lead the jewish community is much went wrong or dictated by the relations between the israeli state and to reduce the danger. oh maybe fold in victoria's east wall. and we can't yet see maps. i very clearly in and watch this story beyond the basics one of them not just jewish communities under muslim rule and the tv needs community. doherty says and can be as good. a strong roots in cherokee and how peace a chance to hear it too when i was an impasse. oh on how he would use to treat and i will go to my ear. these days you can see that the security an interesting change in topic for these and seventy s london. the shimano
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leone the team but he explains with his jewish community in turkey is so crucial to the jewish history as a whole. we had. in the salary of over three hundred thousand to reach people. now we have only twenty six thousand pts. of course the people in peril the six recently. oakley has been a change and we are aware also of the situation because of the political situation. we are were indeed we do every month what's going on. we do believe we are and we hope. that's what his story would have some kind of influence the contribution the good relationship between his anti jewish people the turkish people and the hospitality the aunt of mine and i know maybe we'll come back to the bone can see we could still see the deletion of the relationship between islam and it took a one room dual foreign on tuesday choose them be with chief with the turkish and then to news agency explains that although the relationship between turkey and israel is still very strain on
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the government level. it didn't really hurt the business relationship between the two countries' relations on the top to the forming of the time the dough is dry as the turkey was the person is the country to recognize israel and the sauce and of the platoon saying. then after you know that this the fatalities that rises on the net when the people of the house being choked by the forces of the israeli turkey is that it was dramatically know that perception often his rise to change it. i meant and it has not got stomachache but on the other eight people is the number is upset because the turkey and the israelis relations bring in the time off to the electric percent each. is it that much to lose lion dollars. even this amount of two commercials that turkey is not alien with the story of iraq can imagine in our system like it is that the they let the machinations that that might be that the relations for a costly has become as much important but here's the trick is
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the waking state parties to that site as the pages of history was visited at the conference that clear message to roast or more speakers. the current team in the relationship between the turks and the should be taken with a grain of salt as a new page of good relations between the two is just around the corner to jn one hour on jacobson at bar ilan university a mexican national who killed a keystone cop in nineteen ninety four has been executed in texas but lethal injection good to many a show that police officer to white cabinets using hidden handgun up being arrested for robbery mail escape the was arrested again if you built from the scene of the meadow mateo was executed tonight for the january nineteen ninety four murder. refused a police officer guy gets. so i opened up with a pistol from
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the back of a police cruiser and are fired multiple rounds killing officer dennis. when asked if they wanted to make the last statement. maya said he did not. he was pronounced deceased at nine thirty two pm. seventeen minutes after the lethal dose again the family of the goddess who's just twenty four telling spike of their relief landis is over. and a little bit of shredded high. this is feeling better. however the execution of may was controversial and that are protesting the mexican was never informed the right to coach their assistance from cleaning to do criminal court order the us to attend his conviction but mexico in us history. join kerry appeal to texas governor rick perry on the issue but he contended texas to know how to adhere to international law. it's very difficult for both families. and is very private
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and it's unfortunate this has become political. we're here to remind the the truth that is news. and two. to warn the that. john kerry has no rights. it's been a lot changed a lot to the supreme court and the keys over to the international community texas has executed by company presidents since the re establishment of capital punishment by the american supreme court and auntie cindy six the noise of any us state according to amnesty international between two thousand seventy thousand twelve of us executed tunes and twenty prisoners more than double the tally for north korea the top. israel has announced it has arrested two palestinians from east jerusalem who had planned to carry out attacks for al qaeda with the help of foreign suicide bombers posing as gretchen tourists
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the bombings were apparently going to target the us embassy in tel peep and the convention center in jerusalem. the two palestinians who could travel freely in israel because of the jerusalem residency were recruited over facebook lappy operatives in the gaza strip according to israel's shin bet domestic intelligence agency. your aunt rights are from the institute for national security studies said the current operator leader ayman al zawahiri was directly involved in the plants. busy it was announced by israeli security forces. the duration his head. the sewing room until zoe from his word about some types of locally in august on them although they are and he was personally involved in the celebration the shin bet statement appeared to be based on confessions by the detainee is. what is interesting about this book is that he was
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unbelievable. this is the jewel in the territories and that the close connections to syria. and that will break it and tried to recruit. in addition to the gocco. people are also hidden from the cia. the deal was tied up in all of their intended to upgrade these are the detainee is were also accused of trying to kidnap the soldier and shoot up an israeli bus in the west bank one of the man was arrested as he prepared to travel to syria via turkey to undergo weapons training according to shin bet. the rest suggest ok to make it to enrich among palestinians for from the international islamist network has long had only fringe appeal as they pursued a more nationalist armed struggle against the jewish state. the shin bet says out the this bread in the west bank was still at its conception and possible to stop . i missed n cheese melt
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between the afghan government to meet karzai in washington kabul is cracking down on advertisements to promote keeping us troops in the country after twenty fourteen. the commercials some funded by a us organization pen drive officials criticism since the urge president karzai to reverse his refusal to sign a security pact with the united states that would enable the troops to stay broadcasters which were in a spot for several weeks came under investigation on grounds that their source of funding was unclear the commercials often include interviews with afghans calling on cards eight to sign the accord meeting. the crackdown is the latest symptom of karzai's growing hostility toward the us last week he said in a deadly attack at a restaurant to accuse washington of doing too little to fight terrorism serious concerns remain about afghanistan's ability to handle its own security operations with questions swirling over loyalty among the ranks. a number of afghan
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security personnel have turned their guns on their own trainer and fellow soldiers in recent years foreign combat troops are due to leave the country at the end of this year without the aid of nato soldiers experts wonder whether afghan forces will be able to keep al qaeda and taliban militants as they honor all so for this government is in the kerfuffle over of rome's rapid crusted inside the fear of large statue of former president nelson mandela unveiled last month the government said it wanted the creature moves to restore integrity to the milling wheat at roman sculpture of the anti apartheid hero who died on december fifth page ninety five. the statue the world's biggest representing mandela was in a way to south africa's government buildings eleven days off to his death just group onion seven during an armed raid piece to
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safety at the animal wickets he is ranked as the process them. the food stall them completing signatures and therefore often statue the artists have since apologized. eye. nm . it's too steep and that has been awarded and on regional trade one units eat and eat on their knowledge delegation of ministers and officials tried to use it this week for six day visit that includes trips to israel the west bank and jordan. speaking of semi detached home the plea deal signed in a row and when its piece on the lake is called to make sense to me to their tenancy under preliminary deal when alice was struck in november last year. we are interested in what real actions enforceable and verifiable actions that will
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actually come out of this green. and that's what we will be looking for all along the way to make sure that everything that is sad is it is actually done implemented and verify. we will not be satisfied until we see that and we will not lift their sanctions until we're convinced that that is happening. and if i'm inside it doesn't happen we will be the loudest in the international community the demanding the full sanctions be reinstated. in recent days with the house and israeli leaders and state the israeli parliament the precise comparisons to the jewish state's north and south africa. the canadian prime minister will say that the two of the lake in northern israel see the various bits of sewing ugandan court has ordered the deportation of a british man facing criminal charges
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relate to the vet's of him having with another man. but as wedded to be discovered when thieves broke into his home and stole his laptop before sending the pictures too. canada news paper which published. sexuality is criminalized in uganda and will make his last month passed a new panel that describes life imprisonment for activate it the central facts to which appears to have white support among ugandans as being opposed by rights groups as draconian written by matt rendell was charged last year with trafficking pepsi material while some essentials are increasingly under pressure on the african continent speeding tenuous but has said he is gay making him one of the most high profile africans to do so. the new find out when elena came out this week in an article called when the homosexual mom to coincide with his four teeth the last thing on eighteen generate. so i have come back tomorrow because i
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know they can all people of ddt always loved the beach is new with you one of the storm and thus begins. does nobody was on the stone i mean right everyone we knew was that all the people right. and we all succeed. police. i would find some of the scene. a uniform use the stick in your own stupid was a good agreement the seats right come with stones and sticks the new role play to end its season in front of you. from the central acts are illegal in kenya and many other african countries and the repercussions of this keeps one i know of no lights i can't sleep at night and most of you for quite a mean old lady who we spray. maybe dying will be hoping to make snow in the nineties he said two weeks ago and got that one or the nanny state why you know. the canyon all sources said the hatred against gays in russia was similar to what we choose
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experience under the nazis some pricey. these are the new tunes all blacks wilson does but no bus the aim was to see we get no ac and that's it comes to people you listen than to be nice and lovely people. and most of us. mendes has ministers. with the use of media. when on his decision comes amid a growing debate about gay rights in the number of african countries. he believes it is being fuelled by politicians as a cheap easy way to score points with the electorate i the and a sheaf of documents used by prosecutors at the nuremberg trials to help convict top nazis is being put on display in berlin an interruption in israel on the twenty ninth of january
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the nuremberg trials were the first time a terrific acts and the nazis against the and the scope of the holocaust came to light will we do know is that a few months ago. i feel like it from philippines was in the month in johor. israel is the new hymn called him over he said. come all the more with this kind of stuff too like his old documents are things in germany. they have swastika is on then you probably like this is the kind of stuff tonight he'll do things. to realize that this is of interest by employing boy it's good to be home. and when he started to comb investigating going to a stop exploring it. she realized what he can according to iran rice and the canon auction house in jerusalem the archive contains around five hundred documents used in preparation for the nuremberg trials some handwritten and others tied
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three including one document relating to a berlin meeting of nazis in nineteen thirty seven. it sent to me in one of a kind option according to rise. this is the first time that such material is being offered openly for sale or auction. i need and do not think that it would be another time. it is very hard for me to to think of another like these will go come out and be sold or auctioned many are english translations of documents used by prosecutors in the cases against nazis like mingling and the pats were convicted at the international tribunal after the war. price believes studying the documents will bring to life previously on no details of the famous trials. we often the pasts if there is. i'm moving and historically important materials inside this archive
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going over this country think it is. there are items here. they do not exist elsewhere the defendant and that i couldn't be scanned and printed documents. amy sent the document also includes a report on a meeting concerning the jewish question and share them a glowing in nineteen thirty eight and translations of correspondence between leaders. they are to be on display until the twenty seventh of january holocaust remembrance day. joanne's quake measuring the three horse meat is known has been called to the japanese coast by fisherman has been trolling for flat fish and crabs. though it was to live up to the initial capture this great delight before reaching the end. according to scientists this week as a nation to rent a treat as if his tentacles that being
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intact. join split and then to have that deep sea will choose between three hundred to sixteen hundred meat is joints creak was cool just to really teach me to this office. local residents and tori prefecture reportedly said they wondered how many people the one hundred kilograms. we can feed a constant issue she meets the eye due to high levels of ammonia min the creatures fresh design likely to become a new delicacy. even japan a nation renowned for its new office the fruit. up the sun gone still restless in full swing in due time joining in at least act is directed cine film industry heavyweights anna kendrick is queen of the season came to the king in three films the voices happy christmas and life often that. jason sportsmen meanwhile joked with co star elizabeth moss but helps me clean says michael levy there is a need to ask about knitting. the restaurant and
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a crazy thing. to make a name which is kind of call for calm from here. which is that i have a live feed to him and tell the agency of live and think it is that i can tell you my journey on how the audiences that laughter is now at this and i have two versions of the movie i can handle five. killed in the mountain town this looks easy. some councils say gives attendees that ellis is the stable it and discuss winter fashion. he now wants death although he now i'm feeling the breeze to the holy means here but that he actually come from china where it's really cold so excited to get into what almost like fall air. and then not put on the ski jacket and boots. you know the top of us. so it's a sin to feel it seemed a little dressed up with cherry and a jacket. the sundance film festival runs through until january twenty six. eye. mm
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you. most americans among the sixteen day is a day off from time to relax and remember the legacy of the great civil rights leader but this year a group of jewish teens has come together in yonkers new york for more service to others in developing countries the thirty teams from seven different youth groups and the area organized the supply and warehouse union workers the foundation the organization like surplus medical material suppliers and invites them to developing countries. he can volunteers are the root of everything we do here we received thousands and thousands and thousands of pounds of donated medical supplies. we are not staffed to sort every single box that comes in to rely on the hearts and the beauty of these volunteers took on in and help us create packing
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list that would make sense hahha add in cream and encountered cheer dc heroes and to jewish youth organization team. it's really an honorable thing to do. i mean it's it's very endearing one of my range in size. i just hang around and down to je to just be really passionate about helping others and getting the message across the foundation's executive director whose work. instead they've always done extraordinary work. it's a group of teenagers to get it implicitly began to make jewelry i believe this is a group of emerging leaders and the need because they need a number of causes to get behind to practice these emerging leadership skills when we need something during a time of the disaster they are calling way we can collect the impact they can shop at the warehouse in helpless mobilized in ways that i don't think i've ever seen before nixon each group these two teams were joined
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by youth from others. service is such a big part of every religion and i know like people of all different religions once you think the good citizens of the world and just kind of like not everyone in the inclusive of everyone so it's important for all of us to come together and just show our love and service in town corrugated steel and just read the more diapers except you don't. at night the roster and he was excited to be a teacher student and working among such diverse crew. i like the fact that we come together and we see how similar we are as of this and how differently i we think we can act done so many things medical supplies on the scene this morning when i think ethiopia the chief priests and it feels absolutely fantastic. because the work they're doing is so important. the surprise how to get out there's people
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that desperately need them so i think coming together in large groups and on just doing such a big project with so many people that so important all advice is fantastic. justice martin picking serve his country by fighting and dying for civil rights. the jewish teens who volunteered today have put forward their time and effort into serving others. a good way to honor his memory. this is at the door for jane won the new york. eye the billionaire investor warren its berkshire the way has any challenge offered by detroit based quicken loans for a billion dollars to the person who can click the pic all sixty three games at the end cw basketball championship. each spring at the tournament to crown the college basketball champion is the largest sports gambling event in the us as millions at home on line in offices and even that
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the white house got a bracket to predict the winner. both are buffeted the waiter seems as safe investments to the odds of winning are for billion two hundred and ninety four million at nine hundred sixty seven thousand two hundred and ninety six to want a creepy espn that which is wrecked in a challenge on line for the past sixteen years there has never been a perfect bracket in over thirty million entries mcdonald's francis confirmed that tax inspectors visited its global headquarters but denied any wrongdoing following media reports that it had transferred over two point two billion euro as a private sixty thousandnine to dodge accents. the french arm of the american hamburger chain said its aim and to cooperate with inspectors visited its headquarters in paris last october as part of what it said was a regular chair mcdonald's friend said its three hundred and fourteen local franchises paid corporate taxes in full
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to different states to make a one billion euro since two thousand nine. france is the second most profitable market after the united states for mcdonald's the country which has a corporate tax rate of thirty three percent compared with an eu average of nearly twenty three percent is clamping down on potential companies that seek profits to other countries with lower taxes. the i will. i am. i mean. to me. or. will. those
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are. in it. it is. . po
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the cheering government and opposition sat down to negotiate the table for the first time over three years of the bloody conflict there were some problems team before the beginning of the meeting in damascus delegation was dissatisfied with the format of the conference as they were no representatives of the on the un with two towns invitation after the opposition threatened to abandon negotiations serious permanent representative to the un russia and john farley said that the absence of the last representatives


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